“It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into our giving”

- Mother Theresa


Throughout the year, in support of our mission for foster community-awareness and connection and to educate the whole-child,  Riverview families are encouraged to participate in a variety of Community Care projects. Successful campaigns have included: 

  • Stand Up 2 Cancer
  • Hi-Tor Animal Shelter
  • People to People Food Drive
  • Mark's Midnight Run
  • Heifer International
Our Community Projects resonate with the kids. When our children see how easy it is to help others just by donating a toy to a child less fortunate, or just by saying “We Want to Help” and passing a baton to help raise money in our Stand Up To Cancer project. It allows each child to feel that no matter how old or what size you are you can help someone feel better or happy.
— Miss Diane, 3s Teacher