CALLINGPOST COMMUNICATIONS is a texting and email service used by RNS for emergency messaging to keep faculty and families informed with alerts.

ACCIDENT PREVENTION is of utmost importance.  Teachers are in sight and hearing of children at all times.  Appropriate intervention will be provided to protect the children as they engage in play on the playground, Big Room and classroom.  Being safe is explained to the children in positive language and kindly reminded as we guide children in making safe choices.  We educate children concerning general safety beyond the school environment as they leave the building with parents or attend a field trip.

EMERGENCY CARDS for each child are kept in the classroom. Teachers will contact parents cell phone if a child is sick or needs special attention.  Emergency cards accompany the class on every field trip, fire drill or emergency evacuation should contact information be needed.

RELEASING A CHILD at the end of class time is carefully monitored, Children are released to parents, legal guardians or previously designated persons with identification.

BUILDING SECURITY is maintained by having all entrance doors locked.  Parents receive a pin-code number to enter the building during the school day.  All visitors use the doorbell/intercom system. 

SAFETY DRILLS are conducted as required by NYS OCFS.  Children receive instructions on exiting the building for monthly Fire Drills. Sheltering-In-Place Drills are conducted twice per year with children assigned to a designated area within the building.

 EMERGENCY EVACUATION in the event of fire or other emergency, RNS guidelines have been established based on Nyack Public School district and directed by emergency personnel. Our communication with parents will be through “Calling Post”, via a text message. Our Emergency Cards will assist us in communicating with parents and given emergency contacts.