Thoughts for a successful year, brought to you by the teachers of Riverview Nursery School. 


We love to have parents participate in the 3s and 4s classroom. Parents are welcome to share family holidays and traditions, read books, play musical instruments, share what they do at work, etc. These are all wonderful opportunities to celebrate each child's specialness in our school community, We also invite parents to volunteer for our care projects. 

The school day goes by quickly and missing part of the scheduled activities is difficult for children who arrive late.  It can also be intimidating to enter a classroom after their friends are already absorbed in play.

We encourage all parents to immediately form a pattern of dropping your child off in his classroom and leaving very soon thereafter, once you have adequately said good-bye and assured him that you will be back soon.  Establishing a short routine provides security in this transition.  It communicates to your child that you know he is safe, that you know where he is and that you will be back.  

In the summer months, begin initiating conversations about school. You can talk about some fun activities, such as riding bikes, painting, reading books, building with blocks and playing outdoors.  You can also provide your child with other experiences where there are short good-byes.  If she experiences separation anxiety in the initial days of school, the teachers are experienced in comforting children and helping them through the process of adjusting to school.  Our two year old program schedules shorter days in September to help children make the transition to school.

Most Two’s are still wearing diapers, especially at the beginning of the school year.  We promptly change soiled diapers.  Please bring them to school wearing a dry diaper and bring a clean diaper in your child’s tote bag each day.

We are thrilled to assist in the toilet training process for any two-year old interested and ready for this important step.  We invite children to use the toilet several times during our time together each day. Once a child has begun toilet training, it is a good idea to discontinue diaper usage and switch to Pull-ups, if not to training pants or underwear.  This makes using the toilet easier and communicates an awareness that your child is growing up. 

Children entering the Three’s program must be toilet trained by September.  Pull-ups are acceptable to wear at the beginning of school but quickly change to underwear during October. We will call parents of three and four year olds to assist in changing soiled underwear. 

Children develop language skills and communicate more effectively when they have graduated from pacifiers. 

It is our desire to create a safe environment for all children.  Knowing that biting is not always a sign of aggression, we want to address it sensitively and directly on a personal basis with any child who bites.  If you are aware that your child does have biting tendencies, or any aggressive behaviors, please bring this to our attention.  We can be on the lookout for it, try to head off incidents, and, most importantly, we can partner with you towards eliminating this behavior and maintaining a safe environment.

From the first day of nursery school in September to the last in June, it is our desire to contribute to your child’s independence and security.  We do not allow pacifiers, bottles or sippy cups for sanitary reasons.  They are always an open invitation for other children to use as their own.  We also exclude blankets, stuffed animals or other security items as they tend to inhibit a child from being immersed in classroom activities and social interactions.  Toys from home create sharing issues and can be lost or broken.  On the other hand, books are wonderful things from home to share with friends at school.

A monthly snack sign-up sheet is posted outside the classroom door.  Please sign-up for one day each month.  You can be very creative with snack selection!  Fresh fruit and veggies are the healthiest!  We also welcome cheese, crackers, yogurt, muffins, etc. Nuts are discouraged due to choking hazards and allergies.  We will always serve water but you may choose to bring in 1% milk.  Juice will not be served at snack times. Individual food allergies will be communicated by classroom so that you may be comfortable in selecting snack options.

Expect monthly newsletters to be mailed out at the beginning of each month.  Without exception, each newsletter contains information that you need to know, such as classroom events, conferences, field trips, etc.  Please take a few minutes to read each one and be sure that we have a current email address.